Feeling Homesick For Rome

Rome is a city that grabbed me by the heart and sunk its claws in deep. As the cold has set in for good in Prague, I’ve been missing the southern city with its mild, breezy winter weather and endless winding streets to wander and hunt for the very best place to sit and eat gelato. In my opinion, Rome is even more impressive in the small details then the grandest ancient structure. It’s warm and inviting. It’s crowded and busy. You have to be on your game or else you might be relieved of some of your more fetching valuables. But the people! the food! the wine! They make up for it. There are so many beautiful and amazing cities I have yet to explore in Europe, but Rome keeps calling me back. For now, a look through photos will have to do.

rome-rooftop                              via-del-corso trevi-fountain trevi-coins trevi-selfie rome-sign rome-street-1 rome-tiber rome-scooters rome-gelato rome-colosseum rome-cathedral rome-ceiling rome-fruit-stand rome-buskers piazza-navonna pantheon rome-bust roman-forum palatine-hill rome-lights rome-laundry rome-painter-rain del-colosseo colosseum victor-emmanual-lionall-monsters-are-human rome-view victor-emmanuel rome-script-ancient