Czech Destinations: Loket

It’s really no secret that small town Europe is magical. France and England get a lot of attention for their picturesque rural towns and villages, while not many visitors to the Czech Republic venture past Prague. If you happen to be in this part of the world, I encourage you to hop on a train and head out of the city for an adventure in the Czech countryside.

I hadn’t heard of Loket until I stumbled on a suggested pin on Pinterest. The photo of the castle jumped out at me and I knew I had to visit. I sent Andy a link to a cute little penzion just to see what he thought of the town and five minutes later he sent me a message with a booking confirmation :).  We were lucky enough to spend a whole week hanging out in the village soaking it in and getting to know the locals a little bit. I absolutely loved taking strolls along the cobblestone streets at sunset. It was such a relaxing way to end the summer.

Restaurant food was mostly traditional Czech fare, which don’t get me wrong, I like potatoes and schnitzel as much as the next girl, but after a few days I have to venture on to something else. We located a little pizza shop a short walk from our penzion and found ourselves choosing from their pizza/salad options when we needed a little break from the bread bombs (otherwise known as Czech dumplings). Every thirty minutes or so the relative quiet of the restaurant would be interrupted by a child bounding through the door, picking up a pizza still on the serving tray, and heading back out the door only to return five minutes later with the empty tray. Just like Mayberry ;).

We made plans to return before we even got on the train back to Prague.

loket-castleloket-churchloket-czech-goat loket-river loket-castle-streets loket-building-facade czech-mossloket-castle-church  loket-castle-view loket-street-view loket-svaty-florian  loket-kids loket-puppy loket-bridge loket-river-grass loket-castle-steps loket-castle-interior loket-castle-dragon loket-street-2 loket-flag loket-path