Solidarity Woman’s March In Prague

I try really hard not to make my social media accounts very political. For me, I kind of refuse to talk politics unless it’s in person. In my world, that’s just what I have to do. I have too many friends on both sides of the political divide and it feels like even the most well intentioned post leads to a scrappy virtual screaming match. It doesn’t feel productive. But if you know me at all, you won’t be surprised that I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. We left the states just short of Inauguration day and I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t be around to be a part of the woman’s march in DC. For those of you who were able to go, I hope it was a cathartic and fulfilling experience. I was able to attend Prague’s solidarity protest  and it felt good to be around so many fellow Americans and like-minded Europeans who came out in solidarity. It was particularly poignant to be along side members of the Czech community who protested and resisted their way to democracy in the 90’s. American democracy has served as an inspiration to so many around the world as they fought and continue to fight for their rights as humans sharing this planet. I sincerely hope that continues to be the case.


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