Daily: Saying Goodbye to Summer


Our first summer in Prague has come to a close and the leaves are getting the first tinges of copper around the edges. Yesterday as I made my way home I passed buzzing cafe patios filled with people eating and drinking wine as the sun set. This morning I walked those same streets to the farmer’s market and all of the patio furniture had disappeared into whatever storage closet holds them until spring. Another season in the books for our first year in Prague and we’re only twenty days away from our one year mark.
May and June held a lot of travel and tour-guiding for us, so for July and August we decided to slow down our pace, explore a bit closer to home, and take time to enjoy Lucy being with us full time. Travel is not an exact science and it’s really easy to overdo it and keep pushing to see as much as possible in the limited time available, but I think we made some good progress figuring out what pace works well for the three of us and how to tackle creating a schedule for ourselves that leaves us all feeling good about our experience. Prague gets most of the attention as the premiere destination for tourists in Czechia (still getting used to that), but there is a so much magic waiting outside the city tucked into the smaller cities, villages, and gorgeous forests.
I have really loved getting to know this country a little better and I’m so excited that we will be able to stay for a while to keep exploring.