CD102.5 Lounge Tips

Welcome to Lounge Tips! is the best place on the Internet to share CD102.5 lounge tips and talk about CD102.5 related music and events with fellow listeners. If you missed an on-air tip, check out the main page and see if someone else caught it. If you heard a tip on-air, be the first to share it and get fame and glory, at least for the rest of the day. is a fan run site that isn't directly affiliated with CD102.5. Lest you be concerned, however, we have a very good relationship with the fine people at CD102.5 and they are excited that they have so many dedicated listeners who help each other out sharing tips. They have, however, very reasonably requested that we only share the hourly tips on this site; Special contest tips and sounding board tips are not to be shared, as they rely on the feedback they get in exchange for those tips in order to better learn what music to play and to keep advertisers happy. So please, only share hourly lounge tips.

Thanks, and keep sharing those lounge tips!

The LoungeTips Team