The Fine Feather

Adventures of a Midwestern girl living in Europe


Daily: Welcome Back Sun

Winter in Prague is always a bit gloomy, but the city wears its fog and mist with grace. Nevertheless, it’s always nice when the sunshine returns in fits and starts and wakes us all up …

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Solidarity Woman’s March In Prague

I try really hard not to make my social media accounts very political. For me, I kind of refuse to talk politics unless it’s in person. In my world, that’s just what I have to …

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Daily: Fourteen Months

It has been fourteen months since we have been in our home country. Just reading that sentence is unreal. It feels like it can’t be true. When we started on this journey we were planning …

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Daily: Popscicles Passing

Everyone looks like little popsicles passing on the street. That castle really classes up the joint though.

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Day Trips From Prague: Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora and the Sedlec Ossuary is one of the easiest day trips to add to your Prague Itinerary if you are looking to get out of the city and visit a church made of …

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Coping With Anxiety While Traveling

From time to time I will see an article cross one of my social media feeds with “Tips for Traveling With Anxiety.” I click. I always click. Traveling for those of us with anxiety issues …

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Daily: Ducks On A Pond

Winter has landed in Prague. Like, for real. It was in the minuses (C) all weekend, but we still drug ourselves out into The Natures to give Gus a fair shot at hypothermia…I mean exercise. …

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Daily: Christmas Market Friends

People in this part of the world can get a reputation for being cold and unfriendly so when we decided to move to Prague, even though I knew I would at least know someone here, …

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